Boyfriend avoiding/disrespectig me after I told him how I felt about the future of our relationship

Well, it kind of went like this...

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. The relationship has had really good times, really bad times and in-between. It is a constant roller-coaster. I have tried breaking up with him before (lasts just a few hours) and he has tried breaking up with me when we fight (this at most lasted one night, we were together the next morning).

The problem is... well, we can't seem to break up. Twice now we have tried and end up crying and holding each other after fighting because we are so sad we 'think' we just broke up. I was speaking to a best friend who has heard all the ups and downs we've had, and she says if all this (what I've just explained) was true she saw us working out. She said we clearly love each other a lot, which is why we can never break up long enough. I brought this conversation up to my boyfriend last night, and I said something like, "Well, she's probably right. You're probably it for me, so I might as well accept that." He got real quiet and then exclaimed, "WOW", like one would to an insane person. I asked what he thought of what I just told him, and he wouldn't speak to me. He told me to not talk about it, so I didn't and went into another room to sleep (we lived together for a month now temporarily, I am moving out in two months). I tried bringing it up the next morning, but he just went outside to work in his shop. He ignores me or only speaks to me to comment on mundane things like the weather. I went to Wal-Mart (closest one is 35 miles away, we live in rural nowhereland) and was gone most of the day. He never called. When I got back he was in the bathroom with his dusty work boots on. I took some asprin because of the migraine I had (I am an easily stressed person) and he remarked, "Hittin' the painkillers a lot lately." He has already told me before I am crazy because he doesn't care if there is a pile of clothes on the floor of his bedroom while I am neat person (but that's another issue entirely). I got terribly upset at him as I was already upset about his behavior towards me (he always takes his boots off when in the house). I asked what he was doing with them on, and he told me to shut up and stormed outside. I cried a little, and now I am just hurt and confused again. What went wrong? He just will never talk.
By Ashi 15 years ago :: Dating
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