Is it right for a bf/gf to display gifts from an ex in a home you share and you've expressed discomfort?

My gf and I have been togeher for a year and a half. During a brief break up she began dating another woman. We ended up getting back together and living together again, which is great, but after I expressed my discomfort to my gf about wearing jewelry the ex bought her and keeping a trophy displayed in the house that says "best gf" also purchased by the has caused tension. My gf has an issue with respect. I would never do that to her and if she cared about my feelings instead of making excuses about why it's ok for her to keep these items in my view she would just put them away out of respect for me. Anyway, this small request has caused alot of tension in our household. I've cried about it and she heard me crying...her response was to ignore me. She doesn't apologize about anything when she is wrong or attempts to comfort me. I am getting fed up. Respect should always be first and she doesn't understand. By the way, I'm 24 and she's 29.
By Aniyah23 15 years ago :: General
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