How can I make him understand my eating habits?

My boyfriend and I have an amazing three year relationship, except for one thing. He watches my eating habits and I can't convince him to leave it be. He says I eat too much and it's unhealthy.

Here are the facts:

I have an extremely high metabolism. I eat at least 2,000 calories a day and I'm 5 foot 3 and weigh 112 pounds. I have been eating like this since we started dating. I haven't gained or lost any weight in those last three years.
I don't eat unhealthy. I eat everything in the dietary guidelines, vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, etc. I understand seeing your girlfriend that eats more than you and weighs 60 pounds less than you can be a bit shocking.

My problem is I'm now started to work out five days a week(not messing around at the gym, true sweat your butt off workouts) and I know I'm constantly going to hear about my eating habits. I'm a vacuum, and I can't help it why won't he just mind his own eating? I don't know if this matters but his family is like that too.

When I moved into their house for a month they always asked why HE ate so much! He ate two meals a day, and he's a very muscular/athletic person. His mom eats dinner every once in awhile and is one of those women that can survive a salad a day diet. His dad eats soup for lunch and dinner. I grew up in a household where three meals a day was normal?

I can't help it! I like eating and as long as I'm healthy and in good shape, I'm not changing my eating habits. I love my fulfilling breakfast, yummy lunch and big dinner. Snacks when I need them!

How can I make him see the light?
By nursetober12 15 years ago :: Dating
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