Is my boyfriend too paranoid?

My boyfriend is worried and paranoid...HELP?
Okay so I have a boyfriend that I love with all my heart. He is paranoid about me cheating all the time. What do I do? I've never cheated on him. The only thing is when we first got together we came clean about what we had done with other people (sexually). Although both of us are still virgins, we both exaggerated on our level of sexual experience. He said he wasn't a virgin and so did I. Now that we have been together 4 years, we both came clean about lies that we said when we were teens. Now he says that he can't get over the fact that I said those things to him about "doing with other people." He said that I must have said it for a reason and now he thinks that I really have had sex, when in fact I haven't. I learned to accept that he lied to me, but why does he have to be so hard on me? I can prove it to him that I am a virgin, but why should I have to? It's all in my past anyway. Does sex/going further w/ one person really define the value of a relationship? He's the guy that I've gone the furthest with, but he still doesn't believe me. :(
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By LiberalLatina 14 years ago :: Dating
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