Was I wrong!? Should I be mad and should we have broken up?

I'm Asian, so my parents are rly strict abt getting home late, dating ,etc. Then that night, my bf asked my parents to take me out to his frd's bday party. Then I got drunk after 2 glasses since I didn't have dinner. I was wasted. He drove me and parked somewhere, then demanded for sex in the car. it was extremely inappropriate considering the place and that i was drunk. I said no, and I told him not to take me home yet b/c my parents cannot see me drunk. but he did anyway , i crawled out of the car and puked right in front of my house. my dad saw me and he was very disaapointed. the day after, i was leaving to hong kong in the morning, so i called my dad's driver to go pick up a key i left in my bf's car last night. my driver went at 7 a.m., and according to my bf, he woke his family up. i was mad at him while he msned me to tell me abt this, so i said 'rude is a way to deal w/ u'. i thought that b/c he was able to leave me drunk in front of my parents was very rude.

he told me he didn't know i was wasted, he thought i was just drunk. and the fact that i told him he was rude was bad and he wanted to break up. he also said he didn't have absolute responsibility of me b/c he didn't force the drink down my throat.
By veniceg 14 years ago :: Dating
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