How can I get over this?

So Ive been with my boyfriend for 7 months. I love him like crazy and I know he feels the same way. my question is how people can judge you before you've even met them. My bf has given up alot for me, partying and such, because he knows I worry about him. Ive never asked him to do this, even encouraged him to go out and have fun but he wont do it. Now some of his friends have been encouraging him to break up with me, based on these decisions of his, they hate me because he`s acted on my worries. He`s not going to break up with me because they tell him to, i know this, but it still bothers me that his friends have decided im so bad for his social life that im worth giving up. They don`t understand how much we love each other, which is fine, they don`t need to, but they should respect his decisions, especially when he tells them he wont change his mind. However, I think that they probably think they are acting in his best interest. He says that theyre just going to have to get used to it and that when he doesnt break up with me theyll leave it be. Except this bothers me because they are my bfs friends, he cares about them and I want to as well, but I find it hard to do so knowing they are trying to break us up. What can I do?
By Uhmm 15 years ago :: Dating
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