My Dr doesnt wear gloves?

I dont think my gyno wears gloves when he examines me. This isnt the first time i've noticed, and when I went for my check up last week, I tried to pay attention to the glove box to see if the gloves were moved- they were not.

Ladies- you know its hard to see whats going on when you are on your i couldnt see for sure. BUT- I didnt see him put on gloves, or hear him snap them off, or see him throw them in the garbage. I did see him use antibacterial lotion.

Arnt dr's SUPPOSED to wear gloves?

My question- how can I be sure he wears gloves next time?

What can I do if I find out he does not?!

This is really irking me out.
By NatALEIGH9987 15 years ago :: General
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