Is it possible for a guy to truly love you if..

He says it more than shows it?
What if he is just kind of clueless and naive, but repeatedly lets you down in small ways when it comes to showing he cares?
Small simple things like writing you back when you send him an e-mail, saying thank you when you buy him a surprise gift, failing to keep promises like doing the dishes or walking the dog, and seemingly just always thinking about you less than you think about him?
But.. when questioned about his love, he is genuinely upset and insists he is trying but just never seems to get it right.
So, what's the verdict? Is he truly in love, and just needs time to figure out how to start showing it better?
Or is he just saying what he thinks I want to hear..because he just doesn't want to be alone?
By SnowBunny 15 years ago :: Dating
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