What is the deal with my boyfriend and his ex?

i was seeing my bf for 9 months he has a daughter with his ex all the way through our relationship his ex text him and rang him about anything which made me feel uncomfortable but he wouldnt do anything about it. we split for a week and during that time he told his ex he wanted her back but the next day told her he had made a mistake and came back to me.

we recentley split again and he went and stayed at his exs house and they booked a holiday and were going as a family he slept with her on one occassion while he was there she showed me texts that he had sent her and he was askin her what it was like for her to have her old chap back??

he told me he stayed there because he wanted to spend time with his daughter and she made him feel guilty for not paying no money for his daughter and thats why he payed for them to go away.

he stayed there for a week and after this week they fell out over him not looking after their daughter and she said to him and to think i was thinking about giving it another go with you, he said that he told her what makes you think i was going to give it another go with you!! She told me that he was upset when she had said what she said to him but he said he wasnt??

he then left her house and 2 weeks later he rang me saying that he loved me and wanted me back but i think deep down he still loves her??

hes told me the time he spent there meant nothing and that he was there to spend time with his daughter i dont know what to believe and everything is going round and round in my head.

she told me that she can click her fingers and he goes running, just to add his ex sleeps around and makes porn movies which doesnt help.

please someone tell me what you think to all this. thanks.
By lk883 15 years ago :: Dating
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