should I leave them alone or should I pursue if my worst fears has come true by trying to catch them together?

My Worst Fears Possibly Came True?
"I'm a single guy who rent a room in a house with 4 other persons...the couple(husband and wife) who owns the house and a single mom with son. I lived here almost a year now. When the husband went on a long business trip I got into a intimate and sexual relationship with the single mom (who is by the way 6 years older than me).
The husband came back a month ago and noticed the sudden changed in behavior of the single mom, she spent less and less time with me. I also noticed that the single mom and the husband are getting very sweet and close.
One night i heard the husband in the kitchen and the single mom came running downstairs too. I didn't see enough but I knew they did something romantically in the kitchen then.
I tried to confirm exactly but both parties denied.
I've been really trying to catch them in the act but could not find the best way how.

My belief is that they already had something going on before I got involved.

By siraulo13 14 years ago :: Roommates
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