Is my cohabitant being reasonable?

I have been in a one on one relationship with a really nice lady for 26 years. I am 82 years old and she is 70.

For 15 years we have cohabitated. We have shared living expenses during this time and have had no problem with the amount, which has been incremented gradually to approximately half of the actual expenses. During this time I have provided maintenance on the property, which is in my mates name. I have never proposed marriage for the sole reason of providing protection for her estate in the event I should need to go into a nursing home, which would have exposed her to a large liability.

She has 3 children, 2 of which are nearby and treat her like a mother. The third one not only doesn't live near; she is estranged, rarely corresponds and doesn't even visit when she is in town; this behavior has existed for 15 years.
My mate has a will that is about ten years old, and in this will she named myself and her three children as equal beneficiaries. This has not been a major concern for me because I assumed she would outlive me anyway.

However, my mate has recently been diagnosed with alzheimers and now it appears likely that I could outlive her, and therein lies the problem. The will provides that after 90 days the home will be sold and the equity divided; this means that I will have a housing problem.

My desire in this instance is the will should be rewritten, leaving the undeserving descendant out, and increasing my share to half, which is about what a spouse would be entitled to.

My will, which was made the same time as hers, provides that in case of my death, my estate would go to my mate, and in the event she would precede me
in death, the estate would go to her 2 children. I can see no possibility of changing my will even if my mate should precede me, inasmuch as I enjoy a
good relationship with those 2 children and have no one else to consider. Her estate is much larger than mine.

I would appreciate any opinions or suggestions - -

By Herbie 15 years ago :: Roommates
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