Would you be able to forgive and let this go?

For seven years your boyfriend and you worked together .Did everthing together you didnt really have any othr friends and he didnt either maybe one close one.He oes back to school for nursing I get a pt time second job.He get s a female married lab partner he never tells me.During class about nov she went on a crusie with her husband and inlaws and ask him to mail her some school work I didnt know no big deal.On a saturday she comes to the college to studly like he did he was tehre before her for a hour about a half hour later they take a break she offers him pb and j and candy .He never takes no ones food but he did ate half and went back to study this surprised me.Class ends she ask for phone numberer she says she wants to see if he gets in nursing program she had a year to go yet .He says girlfriend wouldnt like that .Week later I want to see if you get in and whats it like .He figures no big deal .But he knows I wouldnt like.But figured he did nothing wrong.School ends in may by aug she emails wants to know if she could buy his book from teh summer class.So he meets her in parking lot at grocery store tehy talk abou the class.Ashe leaves she hugs him.So tehy e mail from aug of 05 to may 07 every few months updates about clinincals.She did share things about her life her husbands heart attack her sisters i didnt see all the e mails but she did ask abou me and his family.One time she asked a detailed question and he didnt feel like writting a book she asked this question twice so he didnt feel liek answerin it .So he told her maybe when he has more time they can get together and he can tell her all she wants to know.He nevr did get together.He said he only said it he to avoide answering her question.I didnt beleive him but he says why didnt I do it then If i wanted to really do it.I say why say it then he sid I explained .WOULD YOU BELEIVE?He says in email you can say anything
HE is on the quiet shy side not much of a talker .He is a avoider by nature little insecure.Could you get over this ?What happened was she got new email address and lost his.He still had hers but didnt feel like writting any more school was coming to a end so he figured a good time to stop.Well in nov 07 she sent a letter to the college if you have a email there they forward to home email so they did I caught him reading this .I went bollistic.He said she is married and someone I know from school .Not sure if he called her a friend or not but he doesnt make friends he is backwards .I called her she was like Iam not like that anyone who knows me also offerd her husbands phone number .I didnt take it.We the talked a little on facebook I pretende to be a friend of his she was pretty certain they were just friends and she didnt like him she was in love with her husband.She called him a friend .But friends you dont jus stop writting to like he did.WHAT DO YOU THINK HELP THIS IS EATING ME ALIVE I HAVE BUGGED HIM FOR ALONG TIME CANT LET GO.
By bak1123 15 years ago :: Dating
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