Do you think I was being unfair about this issue?

Now, I might be a little wrong. But let me first start off by saying I do not appreciate bad odors or smells. I do not like them, can't act like they are not around and will not be punished by them.
So I moved in with a roommate. Someone I was starting to date as well. Same person. Got to the point where one evening I come home and I smell something fowl in the livingroom. I thought maybe it was the trash - but then thinking back that no one has cooked and there should be no food in the trash bin. So I continue on up the stairs and get to the middle of the staircase and the smell was even stronger. So I am like "wait a minute." The roommate/boyfriend (if you will) sees me coming up the stairs and he gets up to come and give me a hug. I held out my hand was like, "Wait a second. You stink." He agreed with me and then laughs about it and continues to make jokes about it.
Now about a month+ I mentioned to him that in the morning, please brush your teeth before coming to talk and kiss on people in the morning. He woke up one morning and smells hot and funky and tried to play it off like thats what happens when he sleeps because he sweats at night. NOW! I dont know about him, but I have NEVER smelled like that waking from my sleep - not even after sweating out a cold.
Things only got worse on Valentine's Day when I left a card in the bathroom for him. Thinking he would see it shortly after waking that morning. Making a long story short - the card was in the bathroom Sunday night around 9:00 PM. Mind you, Valentine's Day was that Saturday. Gross, right?!
So things went down hill after that - because he started thinking I was upset because he didnt find the card. I was upset because he was'nt washing his behind. We actually had a discussion about whether or not he brushed his teeth Valentine's Weekend. The best he came up with is, " At least I gargled one of those 2 days." At least? Really??

Well, the relationship went bad FAST! and he is now moving out. I can not deal with that. I have reason to believe he is okay with sitting around the house smelling himself and will continue to sit around the house for days on end - without doing anything to do anything about it. Will smell and be fine with it.

The relationship is over and I can't look at him the same way anymore. He made up some excuses my child would make up. It doesnt make any sense. I could not believe I was having this conversation with a grown man. Its amazing! And he continues now, to want to start arguments with me about everything. So I ignore him to the best of my ability and try to have little conversation with him.
It is my belief, and so far I have been right - he is old enough where he is going to change. Once past a certain age - thats it. Its a wrap . . .

I don't think I was being unfair - especially since I was nice about the first few weeks to month and half I mentioned it. Basically he is just like whatever about the entire thing.
By FedUpWithOdors 15 years ago :: Roommates
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