Should I be okay with my girlfriend going out drinking alone with an old "male" friend?

So my girlfriend and I started dating 3 months ago and neither one of us can be happier. We get along wonderfully and have seemingly found in one another something we've never experienced before - true friendship.

She recently received an email from a male friend that's visiting from out of town requesting that they meet for drinks or dinner. She respectfully asked whether it would bother me or not, and I said no, that I'd have no porblem with it.

However, thinking it over, I'm wondering whether I should?

Now before you ask yourself why she didn't invite me, it's because she's recently divorced and she's yet to introduce me to her family. She feels it's too soon, which I agree with. So in order for them to avoid learning of us through the back door, she's chosen to go alone.

So I'm left somewhat perplexed as to how I should feel.

How should I go about handling this cumbersome dillemma?

And before you ask, YES, I do TRUST her.
By Rene 13 years ago :: Dating
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