How many of you text or talk on cell while driving?

I just watched Oprah. Today is her birthday and she is asking people to take a pledge not to text or talk on cell while driving. I have never text while driving and gave up talking on cell while driving about 1 month ago. I didn't have a near miss accident but one day my phone rang and I looked into my purse for it and then looked up again and the light had turned red. I thought, wow, how easy that would have been to just run through that and hurt someone including myself. I haven't done it since. I realized just how selfish I had been. I never drive far, I never get many calls, so I thought, I'm fine but I wasn't fine, I was lucky! The question is, how many of you text or talk on cell while driving, and why do you? What I also realized is, nothing is that important. It can all wait. It did before we had cell phones. The world did not fall apart because I couldn't take a call. Have a nice evening. :-}
By Jayde 15 years ago :: General
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