Do you think I'll end up alone?

I'm 25 and I finished grad school last year and I have a relatively stable career. I'm fairly smart and at least average looking. I stay in decent shape, but I've never had a girlfriend. To me being a virgin at my age makes me better than a lot of other people my age that lacked the self-control to not let their base instincts control them.

I wouldn't ask a girl out unless I know she will say yes. I'm a little socially awkward and generally too reserved to speak at length with let alone flirt with women I'm interested in. I'm not willing to try online dating sites. I'm too shy to try and become friends with a girl I'm interested in. I don't really know how to effectively flirt with women. I don't pursue women, and I'm more or less expecting a woman to make all the first moves.

I'm stubborn enough that I will hold on to these beliefs for the rest of my life.
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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