Would you trust this guy?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. For most of this time we have been in the same city, but recently we had to move to two different cities on a short term basis, although we see each other often and have plans live in the same city again soon.

Since we've been apart, a few strange things have happened. I have never known him to lose his phone or to get locked out of his apartment. Yet, in the last month—while we have been long distance—he claims to have done both of these things. And it just so happens that on both occasions, he was unreachable all night (which is extremely unusual and basically never happens).

Incident #1

His Story: “I got locked out of my apartment for four hours, waited until a neighbor showed up, called my brother, who then came to open my door (he had a spare key). Then – [this is the really bizarre part] – instead of going to bed [it was 2 AM], I went to my brother's home at 2 AM to get a phone charger for a phone I'm not even using . Then I took a cab home [even though he was broke and even though his brother has a car and could have taken him home -- he claims his brother was too tired, after having worked all night.]"

More probable scenario: He was not home and he was somewhere he should not have been.

Incident #2 (three weeks later)

“I lost my cell phone when I went to the corner store. I didn't notice until the next morning. It also happened that my internet and home phone stopped working the same night [they are serviced by the same provider]” He calls me from a payphone at 10:00 AM , about 5 minutes after I text messaged his brothers saying I was worried about him – this is after I had been calling him and leaving text messages for 12 hours, without a response from him.

More probable scenario: He was not home. But then why wouldn't he answer his cell phone just to calm me down and check in? Maybe he put it on silent. He could have also turned it off, but he didn't—it rang and then went to voice mail. It seems odd that he calls me right after I contacted his brothers. Implies that his brother contacted him.. on his cell phone that he claims he lost.

Is this dude cheating? Would you trust these stories? It just sounds so bizarre, given that these sorts of things never happened to him before, and now two incidents just happen to occur that make him unreachable on the phone for two whole nights.
By Baker 14 years ago :: Dating
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