Does the America of the past still exist?

I'm aware that this is a hot topic but I am genuinely curious.
I have been acutely aware of the new Arizona law about illegal immigration and what possibilities could happen if it were abused. However, the other day when reading an article from the LA Times I found a link to a YouTube video of a UCLA professor explaining that a revolution should happen and that the Latino population was the forefront of the said revolution. It was a strange video and I'm still not sure how it tied into the article.
It gets stranger still though, when someone who commented on that article gave a link to another YouTube video of a Latino immigration rally and some of the Latinos ran up to a truck where a guy was holding the American flag out the window and knocked it out of his hand and to the ground. The video then continues on show the rally waiving Mexican National flags and calling for; I believe it was equality on immigration rights.
I was flummoxed and my initial feelings were of how they, the Latinos, dare behave in that fashion. I understand that in America we have the right to free speech and to show it in peaceful demonstrations, but even my local Latino friends, two of which are from Mexico and another from El Salvador feel that this is wrong.
I've read and listened to many immigrants, not just those from Mexico talk about the great America and what it meant to come to this country. I fear that I will never see that America because it has become so buried in Politics and PC'ness where everyone is either a racist or indifferent and not compassionate.
So... What ever happened to having pride in the country you live in or what to live in? Is the idea of being just an American dead, now were all Anglo-American, Mexican-American, African-American, Chinese-American?
I don't know, perhaps I'm just trying to see if that past America still exists and I'm not seeing it.
By Semper_Cogitans 14 years ago :: Neighbors
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