I dont know if my boyfriend loves me for me?!

Okay, So me and my boyfriend have a long distance relationship. We've been together twice and i love him very much. We've been together for a little over 8 months but have been talking for a longgggg time. He knows more about me than ANYONE. Well, recently he's been "joking" about my weight. Im 5'3 & about 110 lbs. He said to me, "Shelby, if you come down here and you're fat i swear..." and he didnt finish. I instantly felt terrible; like i wanted to cry. Im comfortable with my body and i KNOW im not fat but i also love my boyfriend and his opinions matter to me. I used to be very overweight so weight isnt the easiest discussion for me even though im comfortable with what i look like. I had mentioned to him that i had to get a new bikini because my old one didnt fit. And he started to call me fat again. And he wasnt joking. So i hung up on him and he hasnt texted me or called me since... I thought that when you fell in love looks didnt matter as much anymore, i thought it was about who that person is. My boyfriend is extremleyyyy shallow. He wont talk to a girl if shes even remotely "overweight", he wont talk to a girl if she has a crooked eye brow. Its a lot of pressure. And quite frankly, i dont think he loves me for me but only for what i look like on the outside. Im confused..
By xshelbybaby 14 years ago :: Dating
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