WHAT DOES IT MEAN if a Girlfriend says she wants a relationship like Rachael and Ross from friends?

I will try to keep this simple with the facts, and a list.
Background: Together for 18 months, have known each other since HS.
Started dating during the third year of College. As of June, both have graduated from college, and are thinking about moving in together.

1. You had a break in late March10, but got back together in early April10.

2. You find out later she was conversing with an drug dealer. She mentioned doing it, and current boyfriend says it is a bad idea. Current boyfriend thinks she goes ahead and doesn't contact him.

3. You share passwords to bank accounts Email accounts, Facebook, and share a Phone plan.

4. Three months after the March10 split, you notice phone activity late at night.
When asked about the late night call, she says it was a wrong number. She gets very defensive over this, when no voice had been raised, or argument prompted. Checking the number, it matched her X number.

5. After this phone call, you check messages to her Facebook, and there are ongoing messages with him, about her current relationship with her current boyfriend. Parts of emails are deleted. Reply emails are in the inbox from the Ex Drugdealing BF to missing parts of the conversation.

6. You confront her with this information, and she says you are snooping.
She says she wants a break. After the talk, she suggests going back to sex it up, and spend the night at her place. She would like the relationship to be like 'Rachael and Ross' from friends.

7. Current boyfriend declines, and uses the next day to cut her phone off, lists himself as single on facebook, removes her, and ignores all texts from her for a short time.

It has been a week now since either one has had contact with the other.

So, what does it mean?
Should he move on?
Has she moved on already?

By Ilsa_Lund 14 years ago :: Dating
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