No Birthday, No Valentines

For a few months before my birthday I had a small list of inexpensive things I wanted (shirts and such) that I let my boyfriend know about. Then a week before my birthday my bf told me that he had absolutely no money ($10 in his checking was all) and that he wouldn\'t be able to get me anything. I was hurt because I had let him know WAY in advanced what I might want. On my birthday he gave me a card that he found online and printed. I ended up having to pay for the movie that we went to go see later that day.
The next day (Valentines) I didn\'t even get a card and bought the food for the picnic we went on.
When I brought up being upset my bf got defensive, saying I knew he didn\'t have any money.
My question is this: am I being a brat for being upset?
By sarfitz 13 years ago :: Dating
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