I am so scared. I am so sad and worried. Please I need your advice

Right now my parents are paying loads for my Medical School (education about US55,000 per year ).

Two years ago it was my dream to win a place in Medical School. I worked to hard to make sure I got in, and I did.

However, I failed a few of the exams I have had in first year in medical school, and I feel I will fail first year in Uni, which means that I will have to resit the papers in the summer.

It's nearing the end of my first year in uni and for the past year I find it hard to adjust to uni life. I keep feeling homesick and I can't find myself studying because I miss home so much. I am in a foreign country and my parents are across the globe.

Every time I call my parents up, and they ask how is everything, I say, everything is okay, and when they ask about my exams I just say I passed, which was obviously lying because I didn't want to disspoint them. They don't know that I failed a few of my papers and I have an exam due in a few days. I feel like I am going to fail first year and if I do, I don't know how to explain to my parents when I go home in a few weeks.

Please help me. I feel so useless and I have been crying. I know that when I get home I will have the courage to study for my resits and eventually pass my resits and progress to year 2 normally but I keep asking myself will my parents ever forgive me?
By James2121 13 years ago :: General
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