How do I break up with her?

I need help, I am currently dating a girl who I met about 2 years a go, she didn't like me at all when we met because she was still in love with her ex. I told her that I was going to wait for her, and we started dating, after 2 months she told me that she was going to go back with her ex girlfriend. I said ok. I stopped talking to her, but I was somehow always there for her, I didnt want my presence to make her feel incomfortable. Everytime she needed something she knew I was there for her. After a few months her gf cheated on her, so they broke up. She was really hurt, and I was there for her. Then, she started dating another girl who lied to her (dont know the reason). Then she started dating two more girls, and they cheated on her, and I was still there for her. After a while she started dating another girl, so I gave up. For me there was no reason to keep talking to somebody who never was going to love me back. So I started dating a girl, all of a sudden I got a msg from her telling me that she missed me, that she was sorry, that she realized that I was the love of her life. I want to be honest, I got confused. I didnt know how to act, I said I missed her too, but I had to be respectful to my gf, and she kept talking to me til I said, ok, lets try. Well we started trying, but then she started being confused about me and the ex gf, I was still there for her, we worked it out, now we're together. Heres the problem, now she wants to talk all the time, I am currently studying and I cant give her all the time she needs, but I try to talk to her everyday. If one day we dont talk she starts saying that shes gonna kill herself. Shes texting me at 3am and saying that without me shes gonna kill herself. I honestly dont know what to do because now my feelings are gone. I need to break up with her. Its true, I once was in love with her but now after so long everything is gone. I already tried talking to her and telling her that our relationship was worthless, and I explained it to her, and what she did was take a knife and start cutting herself. Shes not like that, shes a girly girl, shes not that kind of pple who would kill themselves to look emo or anything. But I need help! Thanks for reading, and Im sorry for my English.
By aqua90 12 years ago :: Dating
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