My boyfriend wants my dad to meet his parents, and his three kids. My dad will not be in favor...

I've been with my boyfriend for three years. I see his parents often and although he only has partial custody of his kids, we get along great and have even gone on trips together.

My parents live across country and visit maybe once a year, if that. My mom has met my boyfriend twice (she likes him, and is very social and talkative). My dad has met him once, and is the epitome of a protective father. Although I'm 28, I'm still the baby of the family. I don't think my dad wants to recognize the fact that I have a boyfriend and he never asks about him when we talk. It's the same story with my older sister and her boyfriend.

My dad will be coming to town for work, and my boyfriend is set on introducing him to his parents and kids. I really like his whole family, but I know my dad well and he will not be excited about it. It was hard enough getting him to meet my boyfriend. His kids are great, but the littlest things frustrate my dad, and on top of that list is other people's kids. He is big on spending time with "just the family" and doesn't let people in easily. I think if my mom was coming it would be nice to get the parents together, but my dad is definitely not the social and friendly type.

Should I suggest we wait until an engagement is in the picture for this step? I would rather my parents get to know my boyfriend better before taking it to the next level with the parents meeting. I don't think my boyfriend could understand this since he doesn't know my dad's personality. They are visiting together in a few months, but my boyfriend's kids will be back with their mom at that time. Maybe I should introduce just the parents?
By shellbell5 12 years ago :: Dating
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