Girl-friend spends more time with her friends than with me. Why?

Some 6 months ago, I met a girl at work. She introduced herself to me via IM by asking me about a book I was reading. As nature would have it, our conversations led to afternoon drinks, occasional lunches, followed by dinners. We had a great conversational relationship since we had yet to get physical, aside from kissing (a lot) - as was never my intention.
On one occasion, while at work, I had mentioned to (the young lady - let's call her RUTH), that I was concerned about potentially liking someone I worked with because things could go awry and we'd be left to suffer the consequences on a daily basis, and unable to walk away from things. She seemed to have gotten perturbed by my comment and responded by saying, "it's not like we're getting married...and anyway, I don't care to have anything serious until my 30's". To which I responded, "on that note, then perhaps it's best if we go our separate ways since I'd rather not risk learning to really like you and have you turn to me and tell me that you never wanted anything serious".
That weekend, she text me appx 5 times, to which I all ignored. It wasn't until the 6th text that I finally responded. She said, that she really missed me and felt really bad about our disagreement...then she asked if she could see me. Missing her, I responded by saying yes. And it was the first time we made love. After that, things went back to normal. Talking and fooling around (but not much sex).
The following week, she traveled abroad. And upon her return, she took her first day back in the states off from work. She asked if I would take the day off from work and spend it with her. She pointed out that because it was that time of the month, she would be unable to have intercourse, to which I responded by saying, "that's fine, I like you more than you think". We ended up spending the entire day in her bed, hugging...almost 7-8 hours straight. Feeling closer to her, we began having more sex with one another after that. But it pretty much was only sex...we rarely hung out anymore, since it appeared that she always had plans that never included me.
Fast forward about a month or so, and we ended up having lunch together, after an evening of being intimate with one another. She mentioned that all of her friends are starting to get married and have children and that she's not envious of them at all. Taking into account that I am 40 (she's 27) and I have a 2 year old, being promiscuous is the last thing on my mind. I'd would much rather be in a loving relationship than sleeping around.
So once again, I called things to an end, protecting my heart from being shattered as I was now really liking her. A few days later, after not speaking to one another, we crossed paths at work and we admitted that we missed one another. So we started hanging out again, sharing ourselves only physically or grabbing lunch during work hours.
During this time, we booked a trip to Mexico together. In the 40 days leading up to the trip, she rarely hung out with me, at times would disregard my phone calls, and respond to my texts hours later. I asked her about it and she claimed that none of it was true…but by all means, it was! We finally went on the trip and it was amazing! We had a great time. Except for one night in which we argued. Our first night there I tried to go to sleep by holding her, since it was always how she liked it, and she rudely told me to go to my side of the bed. So the following day I explained to her how rude that was and she told me that I was too sensitive. Wow.
Upon our return, it was back to the same thing of her choosing her friends over me at all times. Every time I asked her to hang out, she'd give me some excuse about plans she had with her friends.
Finally, as a test, I asked her to spend Friday night with me so that we could go to the movies and she responded by saying, “I'm actually waiting on my friend to get back to me to see if we're doing anything tonight, sorry”. Then I asked if she'd be interested in spending Saturday with me, since it was MY BIRTHDAY, and she told me that she had made plans to go to a friend of friend's bday party already. Wow! We had just come back from Mexico where I had treated her like a Queen and she chose to hang with a stranger, rather than me.
So finally, I called it quits for good by saying you've made me 2nd fiddle to everything and everyone in your life and I'm tired of it. I've treated you nicely and given you my all but have gotten nothing in return. Just your time, when there's nothing else better to do.
She attempted to reach out to me 3 more time after that, to which I ignored. We're now going on our 5th day without speaking…the longest time apart from one another since we met. It's hurting like hell and I miss her to no end.
But, I feel like I did the right thing. What do you all think?
By Hombre 11 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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