I gave my Resignation letter & medical certificate but my boss isn't satisfied to let me quit

My recurring illness in regards to my female health has been a chronic issue to me earlier this year. It's been taking a toll on my emotional well being and my productivity at work. Not only that but I've noticed I'm been having lots of memory losses and at times confusion just the following weeks ago.

When I got sick and I wasn't able to fully explain my own side of the story without proof of a medical certificate. My supervisor had the nerve to openly tell me off what I should do to keep me in her good books. However I found that offensive and even though I think highly of her as a supervisor because honestly she is a good one but I get the feeling that she emotional involves herself with others which doesn't really work for me at this point of my life.

I got the job because I needed to save enough money for my health. And I've already achieved that goal so I planned on quitting my job 3 - 4 months later. However it struck me that my own health was going down the drain because of the work environment and the people there are mostly kids fresh out of college, drop outs, and in between adults. They're all good people and I do regret having to leave but I just can't in that environment anymore and my health clearly needs attention from me.

I'm just confused at the moment and I feel crossed with my supervisor trying to dig into deep into my situation. I really don't want to openly give out too much information because its very embarrassing and I don't want rumors spreading in the office why I left so my decision to leave as a good choice but it did leave people wondering.

Another thing was I haven't gotten over a trauma that has been affecting my social life. A year ago I was going through a civil case with a relative and it severely depressed me because it was not only expensive but my relative was way too controlling that she almost wanted to manipulate the situation into her favor to shame me and my own family. She's still doing the harassment online by posting a lot nonsense about my family and how she thinks were thefts. And to me if we were thefts then why would we go into a court battle over to prove were not.

I know this is far from my original question but I just can't disassociate my past with my present problems. I have a few other cases I still need to wait until they're resolve but luckily my lawyers are good people and dependable so I worry less but the fear and anxiety of waiting for the verdict is really, really, really scaring me.

Honestly I don't know if I can explain this concisely to my ex boss why I am the way I am right now. But I also don't want to make her look bad from her other superiors. I've had previous jobs before but this is the first time I had a superior trying very hard to win me over. But I think she wants me to straighten up or something using her authority on me...however it isn't working on me and I am seeing myself not replying to her messages. I've already sent my resignation letter and medical certificate. I don't know what else to do now.

I clearly indicated in the resignation letter that I needed to quit. And I've already answered her question if I still wanted to go back to work or not. I'm not desperate to reconcile with her because from the beginning I did not consider her as someone I am friends. I'm just bothered by the fact she is trying to find some sort of fault in me to keep me from quitting my job and for me to rectify it. However I'm keenly aware why she's doing it. I just don't want to meddle in her business anymore.

She can even place me on AWOL and whatever but I am not going back to work there again.

Please give me your insights. I just needed to blow off some steam and pressure out of my head. :/
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