How do you handle a boss who is an extreme bootlicker?

I have the pleasure of working with a boss who knows very little on all things and yet is a complete know-it-all. He gets away with it by sucking up to the owner of the company so much it physically nauseates me to the point I have to walk away from my desk.

To make matters worse, he basically is now in a position where if he feels threatened, he will find a way to have you fired. We had a 33% employee turnover rate last year and only 2 employees make six figures now (in a 150 person company)! It's all because of him.

The corporate culture now is focused on greatness. My whole problem is I can't simply drink the koolaid and follow their goals on becoming great when the people I should be looking to for leadership are not great in their own respect. In fact, our CEO gave a keynote speech on character (worst speaker in the world and even demanded more time though he was putting the audience to sleep) even though he is a person who fired a pregnant employee two weeks before she gave birth. And that's just one story...

But these two are consistently scheming against the rest of the employees in their own narcissistic dictatorship and have absolutely destroyed the morale of the entire company.

I'd love to leave; unfortunately there aren't that many current openings in my field here and I can't move right now.

Any ideas on how I can just let it go or passively deal with it. I'm desperately afraid it will come to a head and I will be the root of my own demise.

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