My husband and my 17yo son hate one another.

Me and my husband were married while we were still in high school (22 years ago). We have one son, our only child, he is 17 and I admit that he has never wanted for anything. We wanted him to have the things we didnt have. And yes, we spoiled him.
We started our married life without anything. My husband was proud and stubborn and he has worked so hard to provide for us, for me to go to nursing school. (which I graduated and became a RN 11 years ago) Soon after he bought in to a successful business partnership at a funeral home. 5 years later he bought out the partners and became sole owner and it has afforded us the life we have always dreamed to have. We arent rich, but we are comfortable. As our son has gotten older, the relationship between him and my husband has spiraled down down down. My husband began giving him chores and responsibilities around the house, And I agree that he needed that so I helped to enforce these chores. About a year ago my husband decided that our son and myself could help with certain jobs at the funeral home and he could save on labor cost. So, my son and me have been working the family business. But, my son hates it. The two of them fight constantly. There is no peace in our family. My son graduated high school this past spring and this summer has been hell. My husband cant stand his girlfriend, or his sleeping late, nor his attitude. My son left home two weeks ago to live with my sister saying he cant take the dead people any more, so my family is mad at my husband. Not speaking. (Although his duties did not directly have anything to do with the bodies or the families, other than being a usher/doorman. )
When my son left, his dad went and took his truck back and his cell phone. They have not spoken and I am so torn between the two. I feel like I betray one if I listen to the other.. My son says he wants to work another job, any job other than the family business. I'm so crazy from it that I cant determine who is right or what we should do, but I feel like something needs to be done and I feel the pressure to fix this, but I dont know how. My husband thinks I am against him. And my son feels the same way. and they both cant stand the sight or sound of the other one.. all communication between the two cease to exist. If anyone has father/son crisis advise, i could use your feedback on how to deal with the two of them, my family and my sanity.
By southerners2cents 9 years ago :: Parenting
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