Ok to put 10 yr old to bed on top of a huge heap of stuffed animals? Is this a healthy sleeping environment?

My spouse and I disagree and we need your input. My ten year old loves stuffed animals and has a huge collection. At bedtime, one of us thinks that she should sleep on a "clean" area of the bed and will allow some of the stuffed animals around her but otherwise believes she will sleep best lying flat, and that having less clutter on the bed is safer. The other of us puts her to bed on top of all of the stuffed animals, and thinks this is fine for a restful night sleep.

If all of the stuffed animals are in the bed, the bed is covered and is about 1-2 feet deep with various size stuffed animals. The bed is a double bed.

Any thoughts?
By jlee1234 9 years ago :: Parenting
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