Should I be annoyed that my friends are busy with their boyfriends all the time?

I am a male with several good close female friends, two of which have boyfriends. My relationships with the boyfriends are ok, but they seem to be constantly jealous about our friendships, which are just that. Nothing is going on between either of us. My friends have also been spending less time with me recently, some of which is due to their boyfriends not liking us hanging out too closely or so frequently. I understand that the relationships between boyfriend/girlfriend are stronger than between male and female friends, but I still feel like I'm being ignored and left out. I don't feel like it's fair, as I was friends with them for ages, way before they stepped onto the scene. Am I right to feel this way, or am I being selfish and I should let them hang out more than with me? Thanks for your advice.
By Scotty114 9 years ago :: Friends
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