What to do when a friend is having an affair?

I have a friend(lets call her A) who I have recently found out is having an affair with a man that we used to work with (B). A has a fiance who is a little boring and set in his ways (I think she is looking for a little more excitement out of life) but is nevertheless a lovely guy and loves her very much. B has a long term girlfriend who is volatile to say the least and is constantly picking arguments with him.

I found out about the affair from another friend (C) who has sworn me to secrecy. So the question is - what can I do?! I can't betray the confidence of C but I have a mixture of emotions towards A - I am angry with her for hurting her fiance (they only just set a date) but I also want to be there for her because she obviously feels upset and trapped in her relationship. B has a history of cheating and is generally not a good guy - I don't imagine that they have fallen in love but are probably both looking for fun and an escape from their lives.

I know that the answer is that I should do nothing (and that is what I probably will do) unless my friend comes to me for advice (this is likely) but I wanted some advice from people who have maybe in the position of A or the fiance or even me and what they did.

By Mar23 11 years ago :: Friends
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