Should I fight for this relationship or just let it go?

Okay, i apologize if this gets long . . . But my girlfriend and I have been together for a little over a year. For the most part, things have been great and wonderful, but like all relationships we have our share of hard times too.

My girlfriend tends to be very controlling and seriously lacks trust in me, and this is something that I dislike and has been addressed in the past, but has yet to change in my opinion. She does things like check my cellphone, or my internet browsing history. Every time I get a call or text message she asks who it is. We both have iPhones, and she asked that I log into facebook on her phone. Of course i know she wants to check my messages and what I have been doing. Knowing i haven't done anything wrong, i log in. This was on thursday, she stayed logged in, and monitored everything I did until I realized and logged out of it myself, on saturday.

Now, she feels like I am trying to hide something from her. When in reality, having someone over my shoulder, trying to watch everything i do is a huge pet peeve of mine. I absolutely cannot stand it, and she knows this. I'm not trying to hide anything, i just want my space and privacy. I thought i proved to her that i had nothing to hide when I willingly logged in, in the first place.

Now granted, I admit that I am not perfect, and have done some things in the past. I feel like she should at least try to trust me. She can never trust me, if i never have the opportunity to prove myself.

So last night we got into an argument, which led to a break up. Nothing new, it has happened plenty of times before. But this time, I am feeling indifferent. I know exactly what I can say to make things better and get her back, but this time I am debating on whether I should, or if i even want to.

If she continues to act like she does, I will go absolutely crazy, but you must understand that I truly and genuinely love this woman.

What should I do?
By OnTheClock 15 years ago :: Dating
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