Should I take him to court for supervised visits and child support?

So my ex fiance and I have a 3 year old daughter together. She resides with me and sees him from 4pm to 8pm daily and every other weekend. This schedule works out perfectly because she gets to see both mommy and daddy every day. Well lately it has not been going so great.
My ex fiance, Jordan, likes to be late picking her up or dropping her off. He has blocked my phone number so I cannot get a hold of him for his girlfriend. (who mind you is 17 with a 2 year old. him and I are both 22)
We arranged that out of his own pocket and not through court he pays me $40.00 a week for child support. Well lately he just "doesn't have it" because he didn't have any hours at work that week. But yet I work for the company as well and he simply just called out 3x that week.
Anytime I ask for his help with something he doesn't do it. I recently gave birth to my son with my husband and asked jordan if he could bathe our daughter every other night to help me out. He started doing it a couple times and then just stopped. Recently she came home from one of his weekends with the same underwear and clothes she had on that Friday and they weren't washed! She had crusties in her underwear and now she has a terrible rash down there and a god aweful smell.
Then just last night he decided to be a complete jerk off. I went food shopping with my husband and was running a couple minutes late. I had called jordan to let him know I would only be about 10 minutes late so to wait to drop her off til i had called him and was home. He got all mad and flipped out. So i got home and called him at exactly 807. NO ANSWER. I mustve called twenty times. It was about 930 when he finally brought her back. So his girlfriend gave me lip because I was late. She said "what were we suppose to wait til you got here?" my thought is no you arent suppose to do anything dear. You are no one to my daughter. we don't need to have this discussion.
Now another time, he brought her home and he was drinking. I could smell the alcohol on him. And he flat out admitted it to me and laughed that he was drunk. And he drove my daughter home that way. My thing is I am about ready to take him to court for supervised visits and for child support. I've had enough of the games, the anxiety, and heartbreak for my daughter seeing us fight that way.
By MrsM 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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