Am i asking to much from him??

He is 27 I am 21 we have been dating for 1year 9 months okay. Firstly we saw each other all the time nearly every day, did alot of things together, had alot of "together time" and all that very happy, I moved back home which is about 20 minutes from his house ( he recently moved back home before i met him ) and now since the start of this year its just gone flat.

I stay over his parents house friday, saturday night go home suday, every week, every month. Somtimes he will stay over my parents house on a wedneday if he is not busy ( he is studing law ) I get so excited to see him all week and then all it ever is, is friday night football, saturday night AFL, sunday morning football shows. He doesnt get it why i get annoyed, when he knows im not a big sport fan.

He has been telling me that we are mving in together for a while now and now its at the end of the end, but all i want is to spend a bit more time with him. Our "together time" has came down to once a saturday if he is up to it, never wants to do anything that involves to much money as we are both sudying.

We are starting to fight alot when i see him as i want more and he doesnt open up about ANYTHING, like a typical guy. This is my first relationship and i dont know if im just expecting too much from him? He has been hurt in the past from a girl from what i can gather and I try my hardest to make him happy which he says i do.

We love each other dearly and always discuss our relationship but nothing has ever happened from the talks his response is alwasy, "i know" thats it.
By shannonp 15 years ago :: Dating
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