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Side 1 says... So my wife can't wait to see this movie they are doing about Casey Anthony - that girl that killed her daughter and got off in Florida. She says it's about the actors in it and just wants to see how they spin the movie or how they portray her.

I think it's absolutely despicable how Hollywood would be such a pile of assholes to exploit this type of situation to make a movie and that by watching it we are feeding that system of celebrating bad things and teaching our kids that if you do something bad you can get famous. I doubt Casey Anthony will benefit monetarily from the movie but someone is definitely not in this to make it for free.

It's ridiculous and anyone who supports this type of entertainment is as much of an asshole as the people making it - my wife thinks that's offensive to her. She is right but that's the point. There's no entertainment value here. Hell, maybe I should just off her. I can be famous too.
Added by jurble (male)
Side 2 says... It's about entertainment for me! I find it stupid that they go to this extreme to find stories but it is also entertaining. I followed the case closely and I want to see how they dramatize the whole situation. I want to see if they consider her to be the killer or the victim. Someone is always making money off of someone else. It's just life and I am the sucker that's born every minute. But I find it entertaining and I don't think that makes me an asshole.

My husband would stop and watch a train wreck. He's also seen all the movies on 9/11, the OJ Simpson movie, and plenty of other true stories made into TV movies. What makes this one any different. It's just he has his own preferences in what's right and wrong and if you don't agree with him, you're the asshole. But regardless of what everyone will say about this, I'm still gonna watch it.
Added by poolsidegirl (female)
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