Is This Cheating? I Think So.

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Side 1 says... So, I gave my girlfriend my Facebook password and she gave me hers as well. She told me not to check her messages though, but I still did (I know it's wrong). I found out she asked a guy if he'd go out with her if her relationship with me didn't work out. She means the world to me, but I feel like she doesn't love me back. I told her I feel lied to and hurt, but she doesn't think she did anything wrong. Is that cheating?
Added by IanBuettner (male)
Side 2 says... I just told the guy I liked him and thought he was cute, Yeah I asked if he would go out with me if my bf and I broke up. So what? He shouldn't look through my messages.
Added by JayJayQ (female)
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