Womanizer At Work

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Side 1 says... I work at a big corporation, where it is mostly a male staff. Majority of my co-workers are respectful and easy to work with. However, down the hall there this one guy, Donte, who insists that I call him Big Donte by the way.
Every morning I am greeted with goodmorning sugar bottom. I have complained many times to my boss, and well as to him. Nobody seems to want to do anything about it. Not only does he call me by offensive names, he constantly "accidentally" touches my breasts.
This is a very well paying job and even though I repeatedly asked "Big Donte" to stop his womanizing actions, my words do not mean anything to him.
Added by womanonthego09 (female)
Side 2 says... this woman at my work uses her looks to get ahead at the office. I'm kinda known as the man around the office and my coworker down the hall knows it. She is always finding an excuse to come down to my office and strut her stuff, then get mad at me when i look! it's not my fault that she dresses inappropriately like a street walker. She insists I call her sugar bottom and that name is so degrading, but i do it anyway because i like to. She is a graduate of Arizona State U, which means you can put your money on skank. I don't make her call me Big Donte, she just does because I have recently taken Enzyte, and it shows. She enjoys calling me by that name. If i was such a bad coworker, why is she always coming down to my cubicle making sexual advances and asking me out?
Added by BigDonte (male)
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