I Owe Someone Some Honesty

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Side 2
Side 1 says...
I chose to use sidetakers to get a question answered. Most of the people I asked seem to all think the same. The question was about my man dissappearing for hours at a time without letting me know where he was going. The consensus seemed to be that he was cheating on me and had me believing that nothing was going on. As a result I started believing that he did have another woman.
I had him followed and even had a friend try to get him to cheat. My man is either telling me the truth or is a very professional cheater. Inviting him to this forum is either going to be the smartest thing I ever did or the stupidest move I ever made.
He has invited me to tag along but we do not work the same hours and when he dissappears I only find out when gets home. I have repeatedly asked the same questions and informed him of the picture he presents and get the same answers.
My hope is I can improve our relationship and I am ready to deal with the consequences of my honesty.
Added by Colleen (female)
Side 2 says...
This has to be a joke. First of all I met U while I was on one of my so called "coffee breaks". Secondly I made it quite clear from the start that I was not interested in a relationship. The only reason I got involved with U is the fact that U agreed that U would not try to change me.
My only commitment is to my job and U know that I do not carry my phone outside of working hours. I have no problem stating that I do care about U and I have always said that cheaters should be shot between the eyes.
Rather than confront me U chose to have me followed and then had some trash stick her t*ts in my face. I am not going to become something that I am not just to make U happy and I am not happy being insulted in this manner,
I can say that U are the only woman in my life and if that isn't good enough for U maybe its time for U to move on. I am quite happy being a "hippie" as U call it and I would appreciate it if U would stay at your apartment and let me decide if I still want U around.
Added by Pistoff (male)
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