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now, and the one thing that keeps on coming back in terms of us arguing is these instances of girls sleeping over at his house when we first started dating.

This happened three times, one being his ex-girlfriend, the other one he dated casually, and a friend. He used to travel a lot, and these girls come from different countries. He has explained to me that when you travel, it gets expensive, and he can't just turn down a friend who needs a place to stay. I had problems with it initially, and at the same time, certain things have happened along the relationship that adds even more to this insecurity, which I think stems from this issue. The one thing that gets to me the most is the fact that he doesn't see that there is anything wrong with what he's done. Good intentions or not, it's still pretty awkward. He thinks that I am being way too irrational. These girls slept on HIS bed, and I'm sorry, but that is just too fn crazy for me. He's just going to ramble on about being a good Samaritan, but at this point, what am I supposed to think?
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Side 2 says...
Okay, so now that my beautiful girlfriend in all her INFINITE wisdom has brought our personal problems to the public sphere, I am hoping that maybe some of you can help bring some peace to this revolving door of insanity.. First of all, I love my girlfriend SO much. she has really taught me everything I now know about love and I really can't come to contemplate my life without her.

We have been dating for about 13 months - which has been about twice as long as any other relationship I've ever had so needless to say, I'm completastically in love with this one. Before I met her, I had been traveling around the world for about 5 years roaming around, working, studying, getting wasted on beaches and living it up one hostel at a time. I met a LOT of people along the way.

During our first month together, some of the people I had met in other parts of the world were now backpacking through North America and would be passing through my part of Canada.. Obviously I let them crash at my house for the one-or-two days they were here. One of them was a girl that I had dated from Spain and her best friend. Now, I have to say that yes, we dated, but at the same time we had just spent the previous year together living in the same dorm building with about 400 other university students and we got really close in that time. Actually we only ended up dating for a couple months so it obviously was just a fling..

Well, when she and her friend came to Canada and crashed at my house, I asked my then-new girlfriend to come out and show my friends from Spain a good time in our home city.. She stopped talking to me for almost two weeks. After this, she told me she was really jealous and I told her I would not let anyone stay at my house again (she was mainly angry that it was an "ex").
Fast-forward 12 months and she is STILL angry about it! I don't understand what is the harm in letting someone who has just traveled 6,000 miles, living on a shoe-string, crash at your house for a night or two.. I mean we were just friends. Well I guess thats it. If you bothered to read this far, maybe you can pick a side and this argument may once and for all be laid to rest. please. PLEASE
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