Would you hand over your daughter's insurance card to her father's girlfriend?

Imagine this scenario: Your daughter's father, Brad, calls you at 8:10am while you're getting ready for work. He says that he was up all night with your daughter because she has an ear infection and she needs a script filled. He mentions that she is at his girlfriend's mother's house and suggests his girlfriend pick up the insurance card from you so she can get the medicine. You don't really like the idea of handing over the insurance card to her, so you offer to have her drop the scripts into your mailbox while you're in the shower and then you will go get the scripts and drop them off at his girlfriend's parent's house. This would result in you being late for work, but your daughter is more than worth it. Brad says that it sounds okay, but he needed to talk to his girlfriend and see where she's at and he'd call right back.

At 8:26am, a text from his girlfriend comes through to your phone. It reads: “It is completely irresponsible of u to not hand over alyson insurance card to me because of ur personal feelings toward me. If u truly loved alyson it wouldn't matter who got the meds for alyson using ur insurance. I will pay cash for the meds and make sure the courts know that u don't want to take care of her. I'm also considering turning u in to CPS. U better change ur ways quick.” Entirely not even reading past the first half sentence because you could care less of what she says, you respond, “Complain to Brad. I'm not responsible for making you happy.”

Immediately back, she texts you again. “U r responsible for the well being of alyson and so far u have done nothing positive for her. u r a horrible person and an ever worse mom.” She's not worth the time of a response yet.

Still not having taken a shower yet, you call him back at 8:45 and he doesn't answer. You leave a voicemail asking what the plan is because you need to get ready for work at 9 and to ask him to have his girlfriend stop texting you.

You text his girlfriend when you get off the phone “Under no circumstances do you ever contact me again.”

You jump in the shower really fast and get a reply from Brad's girlfriend at 9:09 saying “Eventually u will have to get over ur jealousy towards brad and I being happy. U need to learn how to communicate without being horrible. U and I will always have to communicate and u don't have a choice. We have been respectful of whatever scum boyfriends u brought around alyson.”

Without falling into the drama trap and explaing that you left her man in the first place and they've only met, seen, or known of one boyfriend you had for 4 months a year ago and you don't bring just anyone around your precious daughter, you reply, “You just don't know when to stop, do you?”

You jump in the shower really fast and call Brad back at 9:11. He tells you that his girlfriend is going to pay for the medicine and it results in a 1min 14sec argument and you go to work really pissed off because they both have the IQ of a tomato. You punch into work 23 minutes late for no reason whatsoever.

At 11:42am, Brad's girlfriend texts you, “I have picked up alyson's med. There will be ear drops that have not been called in yet that you will need to pick up when you get out of work. It's at the meijer pharmacy. Call ahead at 743-2554 and they will make sure it's ready.”

Being serious about her psycho ass never contacting you again, you reply, “Bri, I am dead serious about this. Contact Brad and he can contact me to let me know. No more calls, no more texts, nothing. I am going to check in to blocking your number.”

She replies, “Brad asked me to let u know. Unlike u I'm communicating for alyson's sake. U should try it sometime.”

At 11:52 you simply reply, “LEAVE ME ALONE!” and she never responds until you go to pick your daughter up from her... ..She hands you the antibiotics that she got for your daughter with the edge of the tag where the price is ripped off.

On your way to get the other script with your daughter, you realize that Meijer's Amoxicillin is free.

What would you do? HAHAHAHA
By wihltsabow 15 years ago :: Parenting
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