ok here I go...been married for 7 years together for 9,my husband has a daughter from a previous marriage..s

she is 19...we never here from her until she wants something from us,we argue about this alot,she never calls him to just see how things are.But he gives into her all the time..and I tell him..she has to learn how to get along in life,without us always giving her money. He and his ex got divorced when she was 3 yrs old. paid chilsupport and beyond for her...the daughter acts like he owes her for some reason,anything she wants..or thinks she wants she calls daddy,,,i get so mad.I have a son that is 24 from a previous marrage,and he never asks us for a dime. So I told my husband,,,why is it right to give to one and not the other...please someone help me out...tired of the arguing
By Emma4 12 years ago :: Parenting
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