How can anyone choose friendship over their families financial wellbeing?

We have my husband's house (owned prior to marriage) on the market for 8 mo. I know houses are not selling, but I do not feel that the realtor is doing enough. He's old school in his practice. We would rent too, just to have some income instead of making 2 house payments! However, I think it's just word of mouth for the rent, no advertising. I want to talk to the realtor and just ask some questions and get on the same page. I also learned that if you change realtors, your house becomes a "new" listing, so I feel we should consider this as well (maybe further down the road if necessary). My husband told me to stay out of it and will not change realtors no matter what. I told him it's a business transation and asked him if he would choose his friend over his marriage. In the heat of the moment he said yes. I don't believe that, but I feel he is letting his friendship cloud his deicision making. We really can't afford to let it go any longer cause I am out of work and we haven't been able to sell his pick-up either.
By justmarried 15 years ago :: Friends
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