Ok 2 beat up your daughters ex boyfriend when he had taken advantage of your mentally handicapped daughter?

She is 18 almost 19. She is mentally challenged. He had sex with my daughter on a hill by his house. His parents were supposed to be supervising them. My boys were mad he had sex with her. He dated her for 2 weeks broke up with her and she cryed for 3 days straight. He called asked for her I told him she can never talk to him again. Yesterday she went missing. The boys went to look for her and found him with her and another girl. come to find out this girl kicked my daughter between the legs cause she kissed this boy on the cheek. My 16 year old took off after him. The boys brother got in the way and got hit. After its all over the girl claims my son hit her in the stomach. This did not happen. She did go after my 20 year old son. I said do not put your hands on him cause you will be going to jail. Come to find out the reason my son hit the other boy was cause a gun was mentioned. The police were called and when they came out they said that they thought the other family ia all living on another planet!

Now after my daughter had sex she had to get all these tests done. I was scared she was pg. Its a mother worst nightmare. Then I was worried about stds. Cause his mother said he had been having sex with a 30 something woman.

I dont want my daughter dating him. I dont care if she dates but I dont want her taken advatage of!
By purplebutterfly 15 years ago :: Parenting
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