Should I have to get my daughter a separate "mom's house" backpack for preschool?

My daughter is two. Her father wanted her to go to preschool, but I feel that she is too young to pay for it, and she has the perfect setup for any kid. The week she's with him, she lives with 2 other girls around her age and goes to daycare with other kids. The weeks I have her, it's just her and I and while I work, my mom watches her one on one.

He told me that he was going to put her in daycare and demanded $30 a month from me. He pays me $88 a week and I can barely make it on my own while I'm working full time and going to school. I told him it wasn't necessary for her to go, and he could just pay half and she could go the weeks that he had her.

He did not like that answer so he enrolled her full time (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and told me I was not allowed to come to her first day of preschool. Of course I went anyway- I wasn't going to miss my daughter's first day of school! He told me that his girlfriend would pick her up from my house at 8:30 the weeks that I had her so I could be to work at 9 while preschool starts at 9:30. I got permission from work to come after I dropped her off every week that I had her. They did not like that one bit. According to them, if I did not pay half of her registration, I was not allowed on the premises (fearing it may make me look like a good parent). He told me if I brought her to school he would garnish my wages for the $30. I told him to go ahead and try.

Her father had bought my daughter and his girlfriend's daughter that goes to the same preschool matching Dora backpacks. When I got there to drop her off the first day I did, his girlfriend chased me down the second the kids went into the classroom and told me that they had decided that since I would be taking her to school, I had to buy her her own backpack since I'm not offering to help out with tuition. I told her to never speak to me again. Of course, when I was pulling away she started texting me. I ended up blocking her number from my cell phone (which costs me $5 monthly).

Seriously, should I have to buy my daughter a separate backpack? I can't afford it right now; I almost had to move back to my parents' last month until I thankfully found a second parttime job. I feel terrible because I got her a backpack for Christmas with a flashlight, water bottle, and sleeping bag in it. I took the sleeping bag out and that is what she has been using.

Is it just me or is this the pettiest thing ever?
By wihltsabow 15 years ago :: Parenting
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