Should kids play quietly in shared courtyard?

About 3 months ago we moved into a really nice penthouse loft apartment on top of a 4-story building downtown. These apartments have a completely open layout, with one loft-bedroom and an open office room (no doors, minimal walls). There are about 20 apartments, and most people are single working professionals or couples. However there are 3 families living here too, crammed somehow into the one-bedroom loft layout, turning the office area into a child's bedroom.

We all share a small courtyard, and our front windows form the walls around it. Noise carries in this courtyard, and reverberates through the walls and floors.

Over the last couple of weeks, our neighbors with children have been letting their kids play in the courtyard. The kids run, scream, shout, shriek, squeal, and tumble. They ride rollerblades and race around, slamming into the thin walls. The wheels on their devices grind on the floor and reverberate so that I can not only hear it, but I can feel it.

All of this noise is very disturbing, as I try to work, study, or relax inside my home. I would like the neighbors to enforce QUIET playing among their children.

I'm not asking that the children not play in the courtyard - I would just like them to do it quietly. There is a playground within walking distance for noisier playing activities.
By Heidi14 15 years ago :: Neighbors
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