They've decided not to speak to us!!!

My husband's sister and I never got along since we first met, I felt like she is jealous of me for whatever reason. However, I've always done whatever I can to please his family (which I've learned not to the hard way). Because of this, I went through alot of drama. His sister is 18 yrs old and she lives in England with her father and mother (which is my husband's father and stepmom). During the summer she called me out of the blue and ask me if she could come on "holiday" and spend it at our apt. We have a 1 bedroom apt and she told us that she was bringing two of her girlfriends with her. I told her that it would be ok for them to stay with us (quite frankly, I just wanted her to know that I don't have any hard feelings towards her). When they came I tried to take good care of them and I drove them everywhere the first week that they were here. The second week, I pulled her to the side and I told her that since I'm not working, I'll need some help to fill up my truck (I drive an SUV). She decided that her and friends are not going to help with gas and she called her mother in England and told her. Her mother decided to chastise me behind my back without even finding out the full story.
After they left I wrote my step-mother-in-law a long letter expressing my feelings about the entire situation. She wrote back telling me that my husband and I are kids and that she doesn't have anything to do with us anymore. She said that we could be in touch with our father and father-in-law but she doesn't have anything to do with us. She said that she read my letter to my husband's father and he said that he doesn't have anything to do with the situation because it's childish.
Was I wrong for asking my sister-in-law to help out with gas? Also, should I have wrote my Step-mother-in-law a letter letting her know that she was wrong for not calling me as an adult instead of just taking sides with her 18yr old daughter? This situation occurred in the summer and I'm still angry about it. My husband doesn't seem to care but it bothers me. His father has been calling the house but I haven't been picking up because at this point I don't have anything to do with his family. I'm I wrong? Please advise.
By Nicole39 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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