Should my sister announce her pregnancy when family is in town for my wedding?

I am getting married in two weeks and I just found out my sister is pregnant too! I am so happy for her and her husband-they have been married a little over a year now. We have a lot of family coming to town for my wedding, and they haven't told anyone about it yet. When they told me, they said they wanted to wait until the day after the wedding.

My sister was always a party girl, and I think they will notice if she doesn't drink. The rehearsal dinner will be the perfect time to tell the family all at once, but it's the day before the wedding. Is it a bad idea to tell my sister that she can share her news during the rehearsal? I am not afraid of her 'stealing my thunder' right now, but will I regret it later? Is the day after too soon as well? I just don't see another time that the whole family will be together to celebrate happy news.
By shellbell5 9 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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