Should I let our friendship die??

17yr long BFF moved away and blames me for not moving with her. First she blamed me for something I didnt do...and for six months we wernt friends! I was crushed. It seems that when shes happy everything is ok but when im slightly happy its too much for her! I havent dated n'two years because i was hurt real bad! I started talkin to this guy and he wanted to take me out for my bday. She called me on my bday and says shell be here @ 12am...I said cool meet me out for drinks! She called and said she was here where was I? By now I have kicked it for my bday and I told her to come out or if shes tired we could kick it tomorrow! She said she was on her way...i havent heard from her n'4months. I called no answer!! We both are very spoiled and ive done wrong too...but im tired of making sure shes happy...but I miss my friend..people grow apart but we never fought not even once before this happened! Do I let it go?
By Gotmilk 15 years ago :: Friends
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