Do I cut my mom,sister and Aunt out of my life?

My mom had a stroke. She turned mean, for christmass 3 years ago she told me i wasent her daughter and thats she dident love me. we worked throught that. Maybe not just forgot about it case she said she never say that. My sister has a 4 year old daughter.Whom I love a lot. and my aunt has asked me for lots of money and to take in my cousin for a few weeks.
so thats kinda the back story.
my mom dad and his gf got in to a fight,DRAMA, any way mom was taken to the ER and then the mental hospital cause she tryed and is still trying to kill her self. My aunt called me and granted i live in diff state, to tell me what happened or a part of it. So i tryed to call and check on mom and c how she was. My sister the hole time lied to me about moms injurys and the hospital stuff caus she said id tell my dad everthing.
My aunt wont comunicat with me about any of it cause then i might tell my dad. She called my phone like15 times in 4 hrs but said her phone broken. she has a flip phone.
My sister took poa over my mom and now tells my mom not to talk to me cause i will tell dad. but sister went to dad and asked for momney. sister is trying to put dad in jail for long tie even thought mom was the agresser.
What do i do. just right then off. I cant stand the lying and the backstabing
By dasie30 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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