I've been quite sick over winter....so have stayed home alot - how do I get back out there socialising??

I work in a medical clinic and have spent quite a bit of time recently sick. I live in Australia, and over the winter months I have gotten quite comfy staying home by myself. I live with my partner, he works weekends and studies full-time during the week. My friends have become quite distant, but I've realised this is more so because I've grown out of what they like to do.
I want to want to go out and dress up again and feel pretty, but I am finding it hard to motivate myself to do so. I've not put on weight, if anything i have lost a few kilos. I took a little step and went and had my hair done a few weeks ago - which felt good. I am just wondering if anyone has any good tips to help me get back to my old fun self...
By Isabel_14 15 years ago :: Friends
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